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Mamma Mia! Farewell Tour

Well, it's finally over! It's extremely bittersweet to say goodbye to the Greek Island. And not ONCE did I hear a 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' joke. Come on now- that's the whole premise of the show! (sorta).

Thanks to the wonderfully talented cast and crew, and especially Work Light Productions, for making it such an enjoyable tour.

"Dustin, what was your favorite city?"

A: The one that you were at.

"Dustin, who is Sophie's father?"

A: You ever stop to think that maybe- just maybe- she was an immaculate conception?

"Dustin, what's one thing you'll not miss from the show?"

A: It rhymes with 'Snake Snanner'.

"Dustin, what's one thing you'll miss from the show?"

A: Honestly, the music. No matter how your day is going, if you just slip into that Abba-mosphere you'll be dancing and singing your worries away. Try it. They're platinum-record-selling artists for a reason.


Singer  /  Actor  /  Dancer

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